Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mac Minis

Testing, testing
Mac Mini

Monday, May 24, 2010

Testing, testing

Is there anybody here anymore?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My new crib...

Kitchen... Notice: No dishwasher or microwave.
Commit this bed to memory. And pay special attention to the wooden wheels on the feet of it.
My love sac... ;)
Now, this is the reason I wanted you to remember the bed. It was made to slide in and out of the wall (This hole goes 8 feet deep), but I feel like I would sleep in a morgue, so i'm not having that... So now I call this my panic room.
This is pretty cool. This tub has the bear feet. Its pretty cool.
On the right is the shower. The bathroom is way tiny, but on the left is my closet. Its cool 'cause its a walk-in closet, but there is a step to walk in to it.
My manager, Maria had to light the pilot light for this stove. Kinda beat down, but I say it builds character.
Tiny kitchen. The fridge is empty. :(

At this point all of these little things that are kinda weird are my favorite parts about this apartment... However, I can see in a few months that those same things will be on my list for the most annoying things about this apartment. My other favorites are: It took me 4 minutes and 37 seconds to WALK to class today, its in the middle of Little Italy (Pizza and Pasta everywhere), every saturday they have a farmer's market two blocks towards the harbor, the Padres play 1.1 miles away from me... The list goes on, this place is awesome... Oh yeah school is good too. :) The address is 1534 Front Street, 92101. Check it on google maps and look at the street view. Its funny looking, I'm on the second floor on the left of the balcony.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My February Stockpile...

Here are a few things that I've been thinking about lately:
  • Tonsillectomies suck! I thought I would be ok with pain, but I failed to take in to account swallowing the medicine, burping, the inability to speak, and how long the wait would be in the E.R. just in case. (I was there for 3 hours last night, thanks Jamie)
  • When I was little, mom would always tell me to learn and practice the piano because if I didn't, one day I'll wish that I did. She sure is a smart lady. I've had a growing desire to learn and play the piano, and Jamie was nice enough to let me borrow her keyboard. Today I learned Boston by Augustana, and The Sesame Street theme song Joshua Radin style. Check it out.
  • It is taking everything inside of me not to ditch out on school everyday. I've already been accepted to 7 law schools, so really what's the point?
  • I need to start writing down ideas to blog about... I sat down with the intention of writing some great stuff, now I can't remember any of it. I blame it on the percacet.
  • I love all of my nieces and nephews to death. My family was blessed with another little boy today via Candace's Uterus. Thanks C.U.! And welcome Will.
Anyways, i'm going to start writing on this thing a little more. I found a friend who also blogs, so its getting a little more exciting. Any ideas of something for me to write about?


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Professor Harston was on one today!

I just took a test for my Constititutional Rights and Responsibilities test. One question was:

42. The essence of a provision forbidding the acquisition of evidence by the prosecution illegally is that not merely evidence so acquired shall not be used before the Court but that it shall not be used at all...unless knowledge of them is gained from an independent source, free from the original taint of wrongdoing.
a) Silverthorne Lumber Co. v. U.S.
b) Aguilar v. Texas
c) Miller v. U.S.
d) Payton v. New York
e) Spinelli v. U.S.

Whoa, were I less of a man, that wording would make me cry.

Bonus Points to whoever chooses the correct answer.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Swamps, Alligators, and U.S. Health Care

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a customer that I was helping. On the TV behind me, the newscaster was talking about how the government plans on raising funds for research for the health care system. I was going on with the deposit when she very matter-of-factly said, "What a waste of money!" How un-american! I asked the middle aged crow of an accountant what she meant, and this is almost a direct quote of what she said...seriously, I didn't add a thing. Imagine my face as I listen to what this lady was saying.
Note: If this makes sense to you, feel free to explain it to me in the comment box. And then promise me that you will not let your children go through the same public education system that you did. (No Child Left Behind Act. Great idea Bush!)
"My sister had Leukemia, (I'm so sorry). Imagine the body is a forest. All of your cells are like happy squirrels and dears, playing with snow white and making dresses. But when leukemia hits you, your forest turns in to a swamp. And all of the alligators eat the happy critters. And then the hunters try to come and kill the alligators but, there are more alligators, and at this point they grew wings and can fly, and so they have aerial support. They bomb the hunters, and their families and their towns. And then the aliens see them as a threat so they try to come and kill the alligators, but the alligators took the technology from the humans they killed and learned how to combat aliens. So they kill the aliens, and then they live peacefully in their swamp.
"You see, there is no reason why we should spend more money on trying to cure diseases like Leukemia, because we're obviously no match for the alligators. At this point, just imagine how many resources and allies they may have."
I literally did not know what to say. So I just gave her receipt, and said, "Wow. See ya."

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Utah Lake is Dirrty

Lee, Bear, Matt, and I like the lake. We've gone about 5 times now. Bear and I can almost jump the wake, and Matt, after 2 years in South Africa, does a 180 over it his first try. How gay. 
We have a good friend by the name of Kirtley, who lives for this sort of thing. He's a good loyal friend, and he's had his trials, but he's now getting over them and we still love the guy. Here are a few pictures.